Project Description

Client: Carl F Group

Show: FIT Show
Stand Size: 80 m2
Stand Dimensions: 10 x 8 m
Number of shows with Willow: 2

In 2014 we were contracted to design and build a stand for Carl F Group to take to the FIT Show. This stand was not only a success but also lead to the complete redesign and build of their 2016 stand (as shown).

This stand lead Carl F Group to head back to FIT show bigger and better then they had even been before. With new products and ideas to showcase Willow needed to make sure they got the designs and balance of the stand correct. To ensure that the stand could be seen from across the show floor we supplied and installed an overhead banner at 8m high.

carl f group exhibition stand plan layout
carl f group 3D mockup

The 2016 stand not only had a focus on showing off new products but also on hospitality, because of this plenty of meeting areas were incorporated into the design including an area for coffee.  In addition to hospitality on the stand there was also a special competition run by Carl F Group involving access codes and prizes.  All of these aspects lead to a very successful 2016 FIT Show for Carl F Group.

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willow exhibition stand carl f group