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Case Study – Cloud 9

Cloud 9 are a local company who reached out to us in the Autumn of 2017 when they decided to start using a stand builder as opposed to building their stand themselves. We quickly formed a strong relationship with the Cloud 9 team and created a stand concept around their requirements that worked with the space and the show that they were exhibiting at.

“Willow Group have brought a fresh look and feel to our stand.  They are a pleasure to work with, very efficient and thorough.  Great team to work with”

About the stand

The two most important parts of the stand brief were how the products were displayed and the area that they were stored in. With Pro Hair Live being a consumer lead show, Cloud 9 needed to make sure that they had enough stock stored on the stand to sell over two days. To ensure that their infamous straighteners were never in low supply we created a 21m2 store room to house their products. The second most important part of the brief was to make the exhibits as approachable as possible. Having products that you could see and feel made them all that more sellable. To do this we created low display units with mirrors that allowed potential customers to walk right up to the stand, pick up a pair of straighteners, and start using them, allowing the products to sell themselves.

Other areas of the stand featured a sales counter that could be worked by multiple people at once, and a styling stage which allowed for professionals to demo the products multiple times a day to an audience.

The sales counter, built onto the front of the storeroom, not only provided extra security but allowed for numerous sales to happen at once. Stock was housed under the sales counter and behind it on shelving units for ease of access.

The stage was at the front of the stand, near the main entrance. It was designed to fit within the rules and regulations as well as ensure that audience members had the best view of what was happening. A hair technician walked the audience through the processes, showing them how to create different styles with the tools. Thanks to the wall of mirrors designed on the back of the stage, the audience could see the products in use from all sides.

All together the stand achieved Cloud 9’s objectives and fit their needs perfectly. After the success of Pro Hair Live the stand is currently being redesigned to fit the Cloud 9 space at Salon International 2018.

The exhibition plan



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