Project Description

Client: Glazerite

Show: FIT Show
Stand Size: 56 m2
Stand Dimensions: 8 x 7 m
Number of shows with Willow: 2

Glazerite was one of our first clients at the FIT Show and represented a new industry for us here at Willow. We were very excited to design and build for this show because we could really show off how well our designs were turned into practical builds. The exhibition stand not only had to look the part but also had to be strong and sturdy enough to display large and heavy fully glazed sliding doors and windows which were built into the structure.

glazerite exhibition stand plan layout
glazerite exhibition stand mockup for client

In addition to containing and displaying products on the stand, we had to attract as much traffic as possible from a heavily attended show. To do this we used several monitors to display product information, bright and clean colours and coloured lighting integrated into the stand design.

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willow exhibition stand glazerite