Struggling to see the value of exhibiting?

Not seeing your desired ROI?

Worried about the quality of your sales leads?

Feel like your stand is part of the furniture and being ignored?

These are common concerns we hear time and time again from clients during design consultations. Now we’re not saying the stand is always the cause of poor ROI on shows but the truth is that in some cases it is. Over the course of our 20+ years we know what it takes to get the most out of your stand.

Here are our Top 5 tips to helping you maximise the ROI from exhibiting:

1. Make sure your budget reflects your expectations.

At Willow Group we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all budgets, because of this we cater to a whole range of different stand sizes. However, a key consideration is to ensure that when planning your stand and allocating a budget it is always best to set your budget in line with your show expectations.

2. Warm up your crowd.

Whether you operate in B2B or B2C markets, it is vital during the run up to a show to build up anticipation. Whether this is by giving sneak peaks of new products or by reaching out to existing/potential clients to arrange a catch up, anything you can do to make sure visitors know where to find you is beneficial. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised by how many people can’t find the company they are looking for at an exhibition, be sure to let people know where you are located.

3. Ensure your staff are happy, healthy and well trained

We know how exhausting working on an exhibition stand can be and nothing is more off putting as a visitor than people leaning, yawning and generally looking tired. So, make sure that your staff are well rested and excited about participating in the show creating a welcoming environment for visitors. All the staff should also have the up to date precise product information including any special show pricing you are offering.

4. Provide hospitality

Games, refreshments and even charging outlets for phones are all great ways to encourage your customers to visit your stand. By doing this you break down the usual barriers associated with exhibiting, providing you with an environment to nurture existing customers and build new relationships. You would be surprised at the amount of leads you can gain over a coffee and a cake.

5. Follow up your leads.

We know you have probably seen this on every top tip’s for exhibiting list you have ever read… but this is for a very good reason. It is way too easy to get back to the office after a busy few days at a show and go “phew! Glad that is over!” when the job is only half done. You went to that show for a reason, and that reason was to get something out of it, whether it be direct sales, networking or raising brand awareness. You should always take the time to properly follow up your leads from the show and not just weeks later. Chances are as soon as that prospect leaves the show you are moving further and further into the distance in their memory. So, make sure you follow everything up as soon as you can.