Modular Exhibition Stands

Looking to bridge the gap between a shell scheme and a bespoke exhibition stand?

Well a custom modular exhibition stand could be exactly what you are looking for! Here at Willow we treat your custom modular request the same as we would a bespoke brief, offering the same design options and services. A lot of custom modular stands are self-build but we do offer a build team service for peace of mind.


Expert driven service

A dedicated project management team first goes over your brief to gain information used to help make the design achieve the aims and objectives. These aims and objectives are then used to help create the type and design of stand. These designs are then presented to you as a client for you to discuss and see before any commitments are made. The same as our bespoke designs the first design is often a rough draft with the client making suggestions for revision.

Once a design has been finalized Willow starts to source components for the custom modular stand. One of the benefits of a custom modular stand is that it has completely re-usable features. Once the customer purchases or hires the stand they can use it as many times as required and it is easy to store, either with the customer or with Willow (for a storage fee).

Modular Exhibition Stands Floorplan CAD design
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    In addition to sourcing and designing the stand for the customer, Willow also offers full project management for custom modular stands. This service can also become invaluable to a customer, giving them peace of mind the whole stand will be designed, planned and built for them ready for business when the show opens.

    Custom modular stands are also a good alternative for smaller shows. Often companies have a bespoke stand at their major show of the year but then have a re-usable custom modular exhibition stand that travels around to smaller shows. It is equally as important to the company to attend these smaller shows but it is not always practical or needed to build a bespoke stand when a custom modular stand will do just as well.

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