Project Description


Case Study – Inspectorio

Inspectorio approached us to provide them with a sustainable and high-quality solution to exhibit at a number of shows throughout Europe. The main considerations for this project were to ensure that the materials that were used in the stand were re-usable and reconfigurable for a number of different events. Furthermore, the build components needed to be modular on arrival to ensure they would fit through the small doors and corridors of the non-traditional venues across Europe many of which were hotels.

“Thank you to the Willow Team for providing Connect 2 Cleanrooms with another amazing stand, highly recommended.”

–  Marketing Manager, Connect 2 Cleanrooms

About the stand

Inspectorio is a software company,  therefore they have very little requirement for product display areas. Instead, they opt to communicate their messaging through eye-catching lightbox graphics and software demonstrations. Many of the events Inspectorio exhibits at are niche and small so they are predominantly surrounded by basic pop-ups and tabletop style exhibitors. This means that the custom modular solution we created becomes somewhat of a focal point in the venues.

Despite being a smaller stand, the client shared the same requirements that many exhibitors do for discussion/meeting areas and storage. The storage was required to house employees’ personal belongings, refreshments, and charge electrical devices. Due to the smaller size of the stand the client opted not to have a storeroom, instead made use of cupboards we integrated into the design of the stand.

The client requested for the discussion area to be casual and relaxed, to deliver this we made use of a clean white sofa and poser table with stools. Furthermore, to create a focal point in this area a large screen displaying a corporate video is featured, this can also be linked to a laptop to provide a demonstration for larger audiences if required.

The exhibition plan


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