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Case Study – KYB

KYB is one of the world’s largest suppliers of original equipment (OE) shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers. KYB came to us wanting us to bring a fresh new look and feel to their exhibition stands throughout the UK.  A common challenge for organisations with a wide range of different products, Such as KYB,  is maximizing the available product display areas. Whilst this was a key part of the brief, they wanted to maintain an open plan design so the stand didn’t appear overcrowded. Furthermore, their position in the market as leaders for innovation meant that they wanted the stand to appear modern whilst keeping costs within their budget.

“Thanks for all your help – and everyone else from Willow Group – over the past year or so, the stands have looked amazing, Here’s to hoping next year is just as successful”

About the stand

As aforementioned, a common challenge the client faced was having a large range of products they needed to display. To achieve this, our design team developed an innovative hexagonal theme that was inset into the structure of the stand. This solution provided KYB with the ability to display 10 products within the structure of the stand without compromising any additional floor space. In addition, 3 ground-level display plinths were created to allow passing visitors to see the products up close. Due to the weight of the products, our workshop team had to engineer a solution to make the products appear upright and freestanding. This was done by manufacturing steel supports within the stand, to mount components using the existing mounting points of the products.

A functional requirement of the stand was to integrate a storeroom to house employees’ personal belongings, store refrigerated refreshments, store marketing materials and literature, and charge electrical devices.  This again was integrated into the structure of the stand by creating a quadrilateral back wall, which allowed the store to blend into the structure without sacrificing the modern, open plan look of the stand.

Visually to give the stand it’s modern finish we utilised bright led spotlights to illuminate the white walls. Furthermore, to draw visitor’s eyes to the products within the hexagons, we finished the inner hexagons in KYB colour-matched Red. On the main visitor walkway, an interactive 42” touchscreen monitor displaying the product catalogue was used to engage passing visitors.

This very stand was awarded the highly desirable ‘Best Space Only Stand’ award at Automechanika UK in 2019.

The exhibition plan


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