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Willow Group Exhibition Solutions have been building award winning bespoke exhibition stands for over 30 years. Our talented group of exhibition specialists hail from all areas of the industry and use their diverse sets of knowledge to help create ‘one of a kind’ stands tailored to fit customer’s specific needs. A bespoke stand is an exhibition stand that has been designed, created and built to your specifications and needs. When designing a stand from a brief every part of the stand achieves an aim or objective set by you, the client, and every part of the stand is fully customized and purpose built.

Custom Made Bespoke Exhibition Stand

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    Bespoke Exhibition Stands are often built with the function of the stand in mind. Some stands are designed for hospitality with big reception bars and stools to perch on leading to comfortable seating for entertaining and networking. Other stands are built with a bigger focus on business development with private meeting rooms that offer a more secluded location for business discussions. Stands such as these may have a meet and greet area for visitors to be then invited further onto the stand for more in-depth conversations.

    Some stands are designed and built with product display in mind, with each shelf representing a part of a client’s business. Alternatively, another popular stand function relies around demonstrating a service, for example software. In these cases, aspects of a bespoke stand such as a private meeting room or a drinks reception might not be as vital as other aspects. Potential customers are invited onto the stand to focus around a screen and see for themselves the benefits of the product.Like the product driven stand, this demonstration stand is driven by how many demo areas fit comfortably on the stand.

    All of these components are taken into consideration when designing a custom designed bespoke stand. As it is tailored to fit your needs, the bespoke stand can encompass all of these aspects, it is not limited to one, as you might be with a modular stand.

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    A bespoke stand can be as small as you need it to be, or as large as needs be, there are no restrictions (besides organisers) to what can be built. From scaled down versions of previously built stands to a towering double decker with fully operational upper flooring areas, there is no limit to what we can provide you with. All stands are available on hire or for the exhibitor to own outright.


    If you have any questions regarding bespoke stands, regardless if you are new to custom build or have been using them for years, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Alternatively, if you are interested in a no obligation exhibition stand design for your upcoming show, feel free to submit your brief here.

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