Project Description

Client: Montracon

Show: CV Show
Stand Size: 48 m2
Stand Dimensions: 16 x 3 m
Number of shows with Willow: 7

Montracon are one of our oldest clients and we have been designing and building their stands for over 15 years. Over our time as their contractor the main design for their stand has evolved and grown as the company has.

montracon exhibition stand wireframe CAD
Montracon exhibition stand visual mockup

The focus of the stands, the large truck trailers, has always proven to be a challenge to design around, a challenge that we enjoy year after year as we think of new and exciting ways to display the stand and incorporate hospitality areas.

Previous stand designs have included feature such as rotating high level logos, arcade style truck racing, projection screen inside the trailers and on stand hospitality staff.

The current Montracon custom modular exhibition stand is our own Econex range of products, the entire stand is on hire to the client to help reduce costs as they exhibit up to three times a year.

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willow exhibition stand montracon